Organisation : ACTION AID USA
Category : Civil Society Organization : NOG
Region : North America
What are, or should be, the main characteristics of agroecological innovations ? (sentences or key words) : Agroecological innovations should be climate resilient, people-centered and women-led. Innovation of this kind leads to local alternatives that are based on indigenous and traditional knowledge and practices of community men and women, tested and proven over time combined appropriately with scientific knowledge and modern technology that truly enhance climate resilient and sustainable. The challenges will require to combine research and traditional knowledge, stronger theoretical knowledge and field testing by farmers to inform it. Women and men farmers need space, time and resources to experiment, test and validate the small innovations that they are making bring about positive change to their farming systems. This requires adequate funding for public participatory research on agroecology, to support farmers and their innovations.
Why are these characteristics important for agroecological transitions to sustainable food systems ? : Women and men farmers led innovations incorporate key insights based on their own local contexts and needs. Women and men farmers that are empowered to drive their own innovation will design and promote local healthy food production and consumption systems that are more adapted to local ecosystems and climate condition and take into account complexity.