Dr Mandeep Singh Azad

Organisation : Sher-e- Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu,India
Category : Academia
Region : Asia and the Pacific
What are, or should be, the main characteristics of agroecological innovations ? (sentences or key words) : There is widespread consensus that farmers must produce more food per unit of land, water, and agrochemicals. To do so, they simply cannot continue producing in the same way. They will have to do this while facing climate change, volatility, shifting nutrition needs, and the increasing scarcity of most of the physical factors of production. Agriculture is at the threshold of a necessary paradigm shift.Working directly with farmers from many years i have learnt farmers are the one who can come up with some interesting innovation we just need to do fine tuning of these events and it can be a big success.One of the most important innovation we need is to make agriculture look sexy/attractive so that youth can be attracted in farming as they are the one to come up with new ideas and innovations.
Few important agroecology innovation i think should be included are as :
Farmers participatory seed/breed selections which is best suited for their area
Family farming which should involve all the members of the family and they should be paid to keep it as a job.
Small farmer groups e farming can be very successful
Why are these characteristics important for agroecological transitions to sustainable food systems ? : Youth are most important for any kind of innovation because they are the one with all the ideas and adrenaline to make changes
Farmers participatory seed/breed selection can help in introduction and adaption of best suited variety for their whole village and thus can improve both production and ecology
Family farming is the best thing as it involves all and will surely work for welfare of crop and environment
Diversification with integrated approach of using ones waste product for improving production of other .It is very important as it help in generating a multi source of income