Organisation : Pesticide Action Network India
Category : Civil Society Organization : NOG
Region : Asia and the Pacific
What are, or should be, the main characteristics of agroecological innovations ? (sentences or key words) : Mobile Organic Agri-Clinic.

This is vehicle that offer support for farmers to go agroecology farmer. The vehicle has tools, machines and equipments to till, prepare land for farming, saplings, seeds, inputs,plant protection inputs, sprayer , pumps, cutters, and all the needs of small scale farmer. Many farmers complaint about delay in getting labour and trained and skilled person to help. The mobile clinic offers , advise and help from technicians and suppliers so that one phone call brings all solutions from land preparation to harvest.
Often the lack of knowledge support is obstacle for growth in area of farms and numbers of farmers. So this is ready support with expertise and links farmers together as network and encourage peer learning and sharing of experiences. The cost of investment is brought down as the equipments and tools are available for rent.
Why are these characteristics important for agroecological transitions to sustainable food systems ? : The urban and rural farmers especially the small scale farmers are facing problems to get affordable services for cultivation. The clinic is a support subsidised by thanal an NGO and Organic Bazaar a seller to help grow farmers through making the support available at doorstep. Training, supplies for plant protection and preparing inputs at farmer field as participative activity as starter is helping farmers to move to organic and agroecology methods. The young technicians are making a new start up in the sector.