Ruchi Shroff

Organisation : Navdanya
Category : Civil Society Organization : NOG
Region : Asia and the Pacific
What are, or should be, the main characteristics of agroecological innovations ? (sentences or key words) : Keywords: Viable, just (socially and environmentally), inclusive and culturally sensitive, strategic and future-oriented, particularly in terms of resiliency (ie. integrating climate change adaptation measures - including considerations of pests, conserving freshwater where necessary, conserving biodiversity in the face of drastic biodiversity losses) and 'bridging'.
Why are these characteristics important for agroecological transitions to sustainable food systems ? : Innovations must be viable, otherwise they will not be adopted. They should be environmentally and socially just as a matter of ethics. They should be strategic and future-oriented in light of escalating global challenges such as freshwater scarcity in some regions, climate change and biodiversity loss.