Sara Lickel

Organisation : Secours catholique - Caritas France
Category : Civil Society Organization : NOG
Region : Europe and Central Asia
What are, or should be, the main characteristics of agroecological innovations ? (sentences or key words) : Agroecological innovations depend on the public policies that are conditioning them. Those should focus on:
-land rights and land security
-innovative indicators that allow to measure not only the production's contribution to the GDP but the environmental benefits (soil nutriments, water cycles, avoided pollution and its consequences on human and animal health), quality of jobs created, local well being, food security...
-build agroecological innovations from a bottom up perspective, encouraging knowledge sharing
-allow and encourage circulation and exchange of local seeds
-coherence of other public policies with the objective of scaling up agroecology (trade and investment policies are threatening the development of agroecology innovations).
Why are these characteristics important for agroecological transitions to sustainable food systems ? : Improving land security and ensuring that common goods (seeds, water and land) are accessible to all are a prerequisite for agroecology. Rethinking indicators to take into account all the benefits provided by agroecology would help to orientate public policies to realize SDGs with agroecology.
When designing the path towards sustainable food systems, we must bear in mind that some intensive practices will have to be abandoned because they are contradictory with agroecology.